Fovera Prostasia S.A. holds an important position in the field of companies providing Accounting, Tax Support, Payroll, and Consultation Services. Our main goal is to provide our clients a holistic support, actively and effectively. We comprehend that entrepreneurs do not have time to waste; in fact, they must use their time exclusively in running their business to increase profitability. Therefore, our company provides a wide range of services such as accounting support, tax planning, issuing payrolls, staff organisation & administration, staff & entrepreneur training, digital marketing, costing products & services, delivering feasibility studies regarding viability, evaluations, business plans, NSRF programmes as well as all types of subsidized programmes that benefit a business and help materialize its goals.
It is obvious that none of these services are provided by chance. They complement each other and are necessary for a business to cover its entire spectrum of needs as regards accountants, tax consultants, employment attorneys, economists, business consultants, trainers, and marketeers. It is invaluable for a company to have at its disposal all those partners in “one place”, and that everyone operates with the same professionalism, the same mentality!

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