Info Quest Technologies, a member of the Quest Group, plays a leading role in the Greek ICT market for 40 years so far, serving as the main gate for the dissemination of new ICT technologies.

Having started its operation in 1981, the company has become the partner of the major international ICT vendors in Greece and played a significant role in the evolution and shaping of the local market. Today, Info Quest Technologies maintains its leading position in the field of ICT product & services, while it is expanding its activities in the fields of Cloud Services, Mobility / IoT & e-Commerce, creating added value and contributing significantly to the digital transformation of our society.

Info Quest Technologies and Cisco Hellas have been cooperating strategically for more than 20 years, sharing a common vision, to support Greek companies in their effort of adopting innovation, in order to achieve their goals and expectations for modernization, competitiveness and transformation in the modern international environment.

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