Premium Standards

YDC runs under the Auspices of CEO Clubs Greece, living up to its International Standards and values.

CEO Clubs Greece, is a beacon of knowledge, wisdom & positive change that inspires people in Greece to think healthy, collaborate, share and advance.

It honors the values of TRUST, CARE, SHARE and SUPPORT.

Professional Excellence

YDC is founded by Georgia Kartsanis, reputable CEO and Leadership Transformation Coach, and a consortium of Senior Executives with solid international experience and professional acumen.

Reliable Advisory

The Advisory Board consists of CEOs and high-caliber Advisors with unquestionable professional impact and consulting expertise.

All members are committed to the stimulation, development and dissemination of future oriented leadership approaches and breakthrough thinking.

Reputable Community

YDC is supported by high caliber Organizations that invest on its mission and vision. This strategic partnership underlines and safeguards our mutual success.