Who should join

Your Directors Club is a premium and exclusive community of Senior Directors and early entrepreneurs united by the urge to leave an indelible mark in their ecosystem. It is a membership Club of Senior Directors, with proven professional acumen, who partake in their organizations’ Leadership Team.

To apply for membership all eligible candidates should have the formal consensus of their organizations, which need to be well established, demonstrating an annual sales rate of above €10 million.  Senior Directors, or early entrepreneurs from organizations with less than 5 years of operations can also apply, if their companies demonstrate an annual sales rate of €5 million and a proven organizational structure.

All eligible candidates must provide recommendations from their employers and evidence that demonstrates their professional status and expertise. Upon receipt, all applications are being internally evaluated. For all successful applicants, Club membership is granted upon remittance of the membership fee.

It is essential for all current and prospect members of Your Directors Club, to fit and respect its culture, mission and values as described on its mandate and stature. All YDC members are accountable for the Club’s value and growth, by actively contributing to its initiatives and sharing their diverse views, experience, insights and perspectives, honestly and transparently with their peers.

Your reason to join

There are some puzzling questions, one just can’t Google. No one can understand the underlying challenges and hidden opportunities of a specific market, better than its own decision makers and stakeholders. That’s why we have carefully designed our membership benefits to live up to the expectations of both, our members’ personal and professional development needs and their organization’s challenges, opportunities and growth aspirations.
A State-of-the-Art Leadership Consultancy and Advisory

offered by the most reputable Leadership Coaches and CEO/Advisors

A High-Value Network

that provides significant business insights and offers cross-industry knowledge and solid reasoning when analyzing complex issues

A Strong Reputation Enhancer

that boosts your professional brand and impact through peer referrals and recommendations

A Unique Lead Generation Opportunity

that enables our members to achieve their KPI’s through networking with fellow directors in decision making positions